Our Team


Regina Daga


Originally from Ahmedabad, Regina has a passion for sewing, cooking, and gardening. She is pretty good at the first two, and very persistent with the third. Try as she may, her poor plants always find a way to wilt away! Known for her loud laugh, and insistence on good manners, Regina is an absolute magician when it comes to baking anything sweet.

Varun Bhattacharyya


Although from Hyderabad; Varun now considers Ahmedabad home! He is a bit of a geek, a bit of a jock and a bit of a clown. His creepy and strange faces are now famous; and we are certain people will soon be lining up for the ‘Varun is a Clown’ show! Little known facts about Varun – helps Regina with her sewing, loves gossip and has had formal training in playing the piano, wooed Regina in his long-hair-guitar-playing-rockstar phase! Varun loves cooking with meat, dreams of being a pro Rocket League player and opening a butcher shop.

Rohan Bhatt


Born and brought up in Anand, Rohan has the most incredible collection of Hot Wheels! He has an obsession with Superman and makes a mean Butter Chicken! Academically a lawyer, Rohan discovered his passion for food early on and went on to
create one of the best virtual food communities – Foodaholics in Ahmedabad. It is through this group that he discovered No Mad Baker and soon came on board as a partner. Fun fact – Rohan is an absolute hoot and has even dabbled in some stand-up


Abhishek Narayan

Lead Designer

Originally from Chennai, Abhishek is a whiz when it comes to translating our ideas into a visual! He enjoys music, video games and dropping food on himself! He even managed to spill ice-cream on himself while eating from a cup! A true obsession with
chai, he can drink up to 10 cups in one sitting; Abhishek is the best hug giver and the worst hand-shaker!


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