About Us

No Mad Baker Pizza was born in 2014

The origin

No Mad Baker is the brainchild of Varun and Regina who started this endeavor as a home run business in 2013. After graduating from college, Varun moved to Ahmedabad in order to attend a baking and patisserie course with Regina; imagine their surprise when they discovered that the course simply did not exist! “Website pe to kuch bhi likh rakha he, vo course toh pichle chaar saal se nai he”.

After a few days of binge-watching Newsroom, they realized that they had to do something before their minds exploded. Regina’s brother came up with the idea of selling sandwiches to the tea shops outside his college in Gandhinagar. They travelled over 60 km each day from one end of town to the other delivering chicken and coleslaw sandwiches, cheese sandwiches and their signature curry buns. They started from one tea stall and were soon delivering to 5! Unfortunately, Varun’s 2004 Activa soon said no, and they had to think of Plan B!

What followed was close to a year of trial and error, ranging from a dhaba outside the Vodafone Call Center selling burgers and stir-fried sausages, to walking the roads with boxes of baked goods and asking strangers if they would like a bite to eat, to a stall at IIM, a stint on an Indian cooking show, to finally chancing upon pizza!

What was just a casual gathering of friends, turned into an actual tasting session; and after a few weeks of tweaking their recipes; the amazing No Mad Baker Pizza was born in 2014! Rohan was their first guest ever, (can’t count forcing Regina’s mom to order as the first guest!); and soon they became friends.
A couple of weeks later; he was knighted by Varun as a No Mad Baker! Fast-forward to 2022, we now have a take-away and home delivery store in Vastrapur; and our first franchise in South Bopal!


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